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High Speed Access
Reliability and uptime is the primary concern for most businesses when it comes to Internet access. The Park Net offers a number of plans that are designed to provide businesses with Internet connectivity that they can depend on.

Dedicated Access is the term used for a customer connection that is NOT limited by connection time per month, idle time, or session time. Once connected and logged in, the connection is permanent (excepting hardware failure or telco problems). DSL is considered dedicated.

Non-Dedicated Access on the other hand, can be described as "on demand". A connection is not made to The Park Net until a computer requests the connection be made, whereupon the customer is logged in. Consistent usage of over 240 hours per month, or evidence of the use of programs to prevent idle or session time-outs, constitutes "dedicated" access and your invoice may be automatically adjusted to reflect this.

Please review our Acceptable Use Policy if you have any questions regarding system abuse!

All of the Dedicated Access plans provide 24/7 connectivity and unlimited usage. Dedicated IP addresses are also available. We can provide you with competetively priced routers, modems and other equipment.

Non-Dedicated Access Term Setup Equipment Monthly
120 Hours/Month Analog 56 Kbps Dialup --- --- --- $15
Unlimited Analog 56 Kbps Dialup --- --- --- $20
Unlimited ISDN 128 Kbps --- $20 $300* $45
Dedicated Access Term Setup Equipment Monthly
Unlimited Analog 56 Kbps Dialup --- $20 --- $125
ISDN 128 Kbps 2 years $20 $300* $175
Fractional T-1 (768 Kbps) 5 years $750 $1,000* $350**
T-1 (1.544 Mbps) 5 years $750 $1,000* $650**
DSL Term Setup Equipment Monthly
* * * Please call for the latest DSL pricing! * * *
* Routers, modems and other equipment are available for purchase from The Park Net and prices can vary. However, if you wish to purchase your own equipment we can configure it for you for an additional charge. Equipment installation at the customer location by The Park Net is also available.
** Price does NOT include the loop charge. Loop is the term for the dedicated circuit supplied by your telephone company that connects your location to the source of your Internet connection. Loop charges are paid directly to the telco. Prices vary widely based upon distance and term length.
Prices are subject to change without notice.     414.831.PARK (7275)
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